Reaching for JesusChrist

verso We work in the spanish ministry in the Evangelist Field. We travel most of the Midwest targeting the dairy farms in the hispanic/latino area. We love to chear testimonies, songs, and pray for those in need. We also translate services from english to spanish. We have our own equipment and we go to dairy farms or any other town where there are hispanics.

Many times we bring our own projectors and bring a powerful christian movie that would impact those that are in need of christ, in the spanish audio(God is not dead, Courageoous, etc.). Our goal is for others to find and reach salvation through Christ and for them to be able to surrender to Jesus Christ and to become born again.

We do everything we can to help many churches receive hispanics and to recommend them the nearest church that would help them continue and help them follow god’s ways that speak the truth about salvation and the return of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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